CRMP Rain Gages Installation

  • 29 Aug 2016
  • Horseshoe Ranch/Copper Creek

The Arizona Game and Fish Department has purchased materials to construct 30 rain gages to be used on the Horseshoe and Copper Creek allotments.  Working with our CRMP partners from the Tonto National Forest and Bureau of Land Management- Agua Fria National Monument, we are developing a plan to install these rain gages across the two allotments.  We would like to invite our CRMP stakeholders to join us for a day out in the field to install the gages!

 The purpose of the rain gages will be to collect rainfall data at a greater level of detail across the 2 allotments than currently exists.  The rainfall information will help us to get a better idea of the distribution and abundance of rainfall, which we know can be very “patchy” in Arizona.  The information can be used in combination with BLM and Forest monitoring data to help interpret the rangeland conditions and trends; and will help with livestock management decisions.   

 We are essentially starting to build our information base for collaborative adaptive management and hope that a few of you may have time to get involved.  Please SAVE THE DATE of August 29th to join us out on Horseshoe Ranch.  The weather will likely be hot and so this day is for folks prepared to be outside doing field work.  Additional details will be forthcoming after an interagency planning meeting earlier in August!   We are excited to reconnect with many of you, and your help would be greatly appreciated!

Contact Information:

Andi Rogers
Southwest Decision Resources

(928) 707-0417

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